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If there is a type of decor that doesn’t shy away from showing character, it’s the Boho decor, with its relaxed and colorful look. A close second must be the industrial type, full of unusual materials and rough edges, or the rustic decor with its charming rugged simplicity. In each case, light fixtures are some of the best ways to emphasize this character without major spending. We have come upon a few Bohemian light fixtures that could also suit, if necessary, industrial or rustic decors, or be incorporated into other styles for some contrast. Their common feature? They are all made of mesh. 

This handmade lamp is made by artisans in Asia and Africa. It makes its presence known, yet the lamp is not necessarily bulky. Its vertical construction is perfect for emphasizing a tall ceiling.

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Exuding serious exotic vibes, these brown twine  Roost Fish Catcher Hanging Lamps from Modish could be just the right thing for a fishing-theme decor. Made using the knot techniques fishermen use for their nets, they come with fifteen-foot cords that allow you plenty of flexibility to hang them inside or outside.

Roost Fish Catcher Hanging Lamp from Modish

Simple things often have loads of personality. It’s the case with this humble metal wire mesh lamp, perfect for giving your industrial-styled space a unique decorating twist. The wire lampshade allows the light to go through and gives you multidirectional illumination.

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A more artistic version of the piece above is the Bobby Cage Mesh Pendant Light that keeps the mesh, but leaves behind the rugged look. Combining the beauty of perfectly shaped curves and the cold look of glossy metal into an elegant light fixture that suits and softens industrial decors, this lamp is available in rose, copper, black and white colors.

Bobby Cage Mesh Pendant Light from Tudo & Co

If you are into Bohemian light fixtures, it doesn’t get any more Bohemian than this. These wire mesh chandeliers have the coarse look of an object caught mid-process, with pieces of wire sticking out on both sides. It is this “unfinished” feel that gives them character. Filled with string lights and used on a patio, they soften the glow and diffuse the light.

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