Counter decorated with wall tiles for an elegant bistro interior design

Crompy is a tasteful little eatery boasting a pared-down, modern bistro interior design. Located in Prague, the restaurant features an achromatic background composed of contrasting black and beige colors. These bland hues set off the warm tones of the wooden furniture and the ornament on the floor tile. The unique tile pattern further accentuates the sharp contrast with the adjacent blackboard-style wall.

Bistro restaurant design with black walls and light wood furniture

With the drum pendants lights and rows of seats, the restaurant interior still feels very open. This effect is achieved through the use of a neutral color palette and cozy light.

Sea of dark light fixtures against a dark ceiling in bistro restaurant

The light fixtures alone are quite dramatic. They hide the actual ceiling through a smart mix of directional light and dark shades, yet subtly define it.

Bistro name on the dark wall of the restaurant

The elegant floor tile spreads onto the sides of the counter and helps light bounce around. While this bistro interior design heavily relies on the contrast between the light wood and the dark wall and could easily become too stark, the tile unifies the look, introduces patterns into the mix, and ties in the colors of the space with minimal chromatic additions.  

Light floor tile against black walls creates beautiful effect inside food venue

At the far end of the bistro, an eating nook boasts inspirational quotes against the dark background. This solves the problem of facing the wall when eating and allows for the maximum use of the space. Offering a few ideas to reflect upon, this cost-effective decorating strategy changes the vibe of the entire corner. 

Inspirational quotes on the wall of fast-food venue

The exterior sign is done in black with hidden LED lights, which creates the impression that the word “Crompy” is hovering in the air. Overall, the bistro’s natural oak furnishing and clean, natural lines impart a sense of understated elegance and simplicity.

Elegant entrance design for contemporary bistro

Designed by VRTIŠKA • ŽÁK
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