Acoustic LED light system trends in office design

One of the simplest ways to update a commercial space and make an impact without a large budget is upgrading your light fixtures. This is why we always keep an eye on what is new on the market, what contemporary tastes demand, and what light fixture trends emerge in commercial design.

It is no surprise that new sources of inspiration and added functionality are constant trends in lighting design. What is fascinating, however, are the results of this design process. Unique shapes and textures, new ways of capturing  light, and illuminating systems that do double duty as noise-reducing elements are only a few of the things that captured our attention lately. 

Photo above: LINEA Acoustic LED system from

When it comes to multifunctionality, the LINEA acoustic LED system doesn’t hold back. While the luminaire brings color and texture into the room, it also has sound absorption properties that make it a good choice for office designs or restaurant interiors. When multiple pieces are placed in successive rows, they serves as a generous source of light and as an attractive design element that dresses up your ceilings.

Green acoustic light system above restaurant table

LINEA Acoustic LED system from

Made of muslin cotton cloth and evoking the swirls of a dancing woman’s dress, this pendant borrows their dreamy ethereal look. Used in heavily furnished restaurants, such light fixtures bring in softness, the illusion of movement, and a romantic vibe.

Light fixture trends include fabric lightshades

Fandango Suspension by Kenneth Cobonpue from

Simple yet visually effective, the Chute Motion multilight pendant has a floating quality that contrasts with its stark yet delicate geometric built. A series of rounded silicon diffusers in powder-coated aluminum cillinders, the pendants provide light without the bulk. 

Contemporary light fixture trends with floating LED elements

Chute Motion Multi Light Pendant by Kuzco Lighting via

Elegant light fixture trends with glass lightshades
Happy Kiss FJ Pendant by Caleb Siemon & Carmen Salazar via
If the reflective qualities of crystal are not enough for your space, consider the Argent pendant that uses its hand-shaped metal discs to create a glamorous glow. Its shape is playful and exuberant, yet it retains an elegant quality emphasized by its subtle reflections.  
Reflective light pendant trends
Argent Pendant by Dodo Arslan via
Made of goose feathers, the Eos pendant finds inspiration in the white, snow-ladden Nordic scenery. Its beauty lies in its soft, delicate and dainty texture. Surprisingly easy to clean, this light fixture can create the illusion of fluffy clouds above your restaurant tables and softens the light to create an intimate atmosphere.
Fluffy feather light pendant in white
Eos Pendant by Umage via
The organic look of the Nightbloom pendant pays tribute to its floral source of inspiration. Designed by Marcel Wanders, it lightens up the space with its softly curved “petals” and its delicate drops of gold that catch the light reflections coming from within.
Coral and flower-inspired light pendant
Nightbloom Pendant by Lladro via
Another example belonging to the latest nature-inspired light fixture trends, the Diallo chandelier takes its clue from the look of corals. Glammed up with a satin gold center, and an apparent descendant of the Sputnik chandelier, it is dramatic enough to change the landscape of your ceiling and become the focal point of your space. 
Coral-shaped white-and-gold chandelier
Diallo Chandelier by Arteriors Home via

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