Unique rustic pendant with rope and exposed bulbs

There are few things as fascinating in interior decorating as watching rough materials such as wood, metal and concrete being used in creating graceful design elements. The transition from coarse to exquisite is the best metaphor for the imaginative power that can transform the most unlikely materials into gorgeous functional or decorative items, including beautiful light fixtures.

Photo above: MoonStoneFox on Etsy.com

Here is Cumulus, the light fixture designed by Sam van Gurp, that gives the concept of light dimming a new twist. The lamp is made of three metal cage-shaped caps that cause the progressive dimming of light when sliding over each other.

Beautiful light fixture made of three metal cages

Photo: mocoloco.com

When it comes do designing light fixtures, concrete is a surprising yet effective material. The rough texture of the concrete offers a fitting contrast to the immaterial nature of light. This concrete table lamp combines a modern tilted geometric shape with the industrial vibe of the steel mesh lampshade and concrete base.  

Charming light fixture with concrete base and metal mesh lampshade

Photo: Euna Designs on Etsy.com

The use of concrete in light fixtures does not necessarily imply an industrial interior decor. This coarse material can simply serve as a balance or contrast for other design elements, or the background against which other materials are allowed to shine. For instance, this long pendant, perfect for hanging above a long table or bar, pairs a slab of concrete with an elegantly polished chrome sheet. The result is a modern light fixture, with a tinge of minimalism.

Elegant light pendant made of metal and concrete

Photo: Gant Lights on Etsy.com

Rope is another unexpected element in interior design, often used in combination with metal or wood to achieve a rustic effect, as in the case of this handcrafted pendant. Wound around a wood beam, a series of manila ropes end with exposed light bulbs for a design that looks both spontaneous and calculated.

Rustic chandelier with rope and wood beam

Photo: MoonStoneFox on Etsy.com

An apparently easy DIY project, where yarn is wrapped around a balloon to create a spherical lamp shade, a light fixture like the one below demands, however, a good technique and a careful hand. Ideal for a room that needs a personal touch, this pendant’s shade filters the light and helps create a cozy ambiance.

Ball-shaped light shade fmade of yarn

Photo: LTspirit on Etsy.com

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