Green Wall Simplified Solution

Vertical gardens or Green Walls have become a very popular way to bring nature into any interior. It looks fantastic but the energy and the cost of upkeep the plants may leave skeptics out of this design feature. The Live Screen tries to address this issue with this green wall.

Green Wall Simplified Solution

This Live Screen vertical garden is not only incredibly slick looking, it automates watering of your plants so that you don’t have to spend time watering 30+ pots.

Green Wall Simplified Solution

Live Screen was created by Brooklyn designer Danielle Trofe. Live Screen’s poles hide the electric, gravity-driven watering pumps that water your plants similar to a sprinkler system.  Now, that’s the smartest Green Wall I’ve ever seen!

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  1. John Waite
    John Waite says:

    This is very clever, and is so different to all the other office partitions I’ve seen. I can imagine that when the plants grow they’d look even more spectacular, draping over the sides of the pots.

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