Zara’s New Green Retail Store Interior Design.  This new slick Fifth Avenue Zara store is the retailer’s largest outlet in the US.   The store is over 32,291 square feet and covers over three floors.

Retail store interior design

The shop faces Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street with five display windows over 104 feet. This particular store will employs 450 people.

Retail store interior design

The new store takes into account functionality and sustainability without loosing the main essence of any design: beauty and clarity. The contemporary store design emphasizes modern clean lines and simplicity.  This reflects the retailer’s ongoing mission “to facilitate direct contact with customers.”

Retail store interior design

The Fifth Avenue Zara’s retail store interior design environmental sustainability features include:

  • Motion detectors in the storeroom dim the area’s lights by 80% when nobody’s around. Motion detectors  are also installed in toilets and corridors.
  • The store’s lighting dims to 66% of usual during janitorial and merchandise loading and unloading time.
  • The shop is equipped with the most efficient heating and air conditioning on the market (Variable Refrigerant Volume system.)
  • Energy-intensive systems are turned on in a sequential pattern to prevent demand spikes.
  • Thermostats automatically adjust for heating and air conditioning.
  • Electronically-regulated air curtains at store entrances prevent the influx of colder or hotter air from outside.
  • Speed-controlled mechanical escalators.
  • Automatically opening double entrance doors.
  • Wood used in store fittings and furnishings bears the PEFC seal, which guarantees that it comes from sustainably, responsibly harvested forests.
  • Zara shopping bags also bear the PEFC seal, while plastic bags are biodegradable.

Retail store interior design

This Zara’s largest US store will be used as the global standard for the international retailers on designing with the latest advancements in sustainability. Read more about this store on

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