Being from Ukraine myself, makes me excited to see something this innovative coming out from Kiev! Twister is a restaurant that was recently opened in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by Sergey Makhno and Vasily Butenko. Continuous curving elements of the restaurant’s interior give a beautiful whimsical effect translating the name “Twister” into the design .

Restaurant Design

Soft furniture, like this bench above, designed specifically for this place add additional uniqueness and mystery.

Restaurant Design Curves

All the natural tones selected for this place add a relaxing, elegant mood in-spite all the twists and turns.

Restaurant Design Window

Even the window treatment was designed in a random natural pattern out of wood sticks.

Restaurant Design Bar

The Bar area provides some sensory contrast to the natural smooth curves with its rough textures on the ceiling and walls, also made out of wood sticks.

Restaurant Design Finishes

To see more images of Twister restaurant click HERE.

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