Ordinary Objects Turn into Extraordinary Elements of Interior Design

Photo above via gizmodo.com

The best things in interior (or exterior) design happen when creative minds turn the ordinary into extraordinary by reinventing an everyday object or element of design. Other times, a certain material is used in unexpected ways or a piece of furniture takes surprising (and sometimes amusing) shapes. Here are just a few examples picked from an inexhaustible collection of creative design products.

If “fluidity” and “flow” are buzzwords in the world of interior design, German designer Alexander Nettesheim takes the terms literally. His Auslaufmodel chair mixes simplicity of form with a surprising shape that seems to suggest the project is still under construction. The dark “runny” material creates the illusion that the chair is being built in front of our eyes.

Photo via alexander-nettesheim.com

The same eye for seeing and capturing nature in motion is visible in the Erosion Sink from Gore Design Co. The sink recreates the look of eroded platforms, suggesting that water is the agent of transformation.

Photo via contemporist.com

And what is more relaxing that the result of mixing the concept of a hammock with that of a tub? Designed by the UK company SplinterWorks and made of super strong carbon fiber with an insulated foam core, the Vessel brings the idea of relaxing to new levels with its curved shape that follows more naturally the shape of the human body.

Photo via splinterworks.com.uk

For minimalist tastes and modern interiors, this Ribbon staircase designed by the Czech architecture firm HSH Architects, is made of a 0.4-inch-thick metal sheet and takes minimal space in the overall design of this Prague home.  

Photo via apartmenttherapy.com

Finally, stepping outside, these concrete benches change the way we look at paving and slates. “Peeled” from the ground, the benches seem an organic part of the landscape.

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