Designer: Zara Estudio
All photos: Marc Wilson

With a modern, almost futuristic appearance, the façade of the Zara store at Westfield London is in no need of character. Replacing the customary rectangular look with a daring geometric design, the façade stands up as a veritable piece of modern architectural art.

Innovative Store Front Design

Designer Zara Estudio and fabricators Gruppo Candido Hermida used 81 panels of HI-MACS with a metal trim to create a 3-D façade. The trapezoidal panels create an attractive visual effect, luring passers-by into the store by their smart placement.

Zara Front Store Design

The material is as innovative as the design. HI-MACS is a highly versatile, new-generation acrylic stone with a wide array of uses in interior and exterior projects. As easy to cut as wood, this non-porous material can be thermoformed into any desired shape, no matter how complex or unusual. It is highly resistant to wear and tear and an eco-friendly, recyclable material whose processing results in almost no waste.

Innovative Material Store Facade

Zara’s façade makes use of the esthetic attributes of the HI-MACS panels. Their slightly reflective quality adds an extra touch of elegance and glamour, while the neutral Toffee Brown hue balances the complexity of the design.

HI-MACS Store Front

Keeping in line with a design that does not conform to conventional standards, the windows are placed obliquely, drawing in the eye and reflecting their surroundings in a different manner. The store’s name seems to radiate, with HI-MACS panel strategically placed in the shape of rays. The design is all about angles, asking for a second look and inviting to be analyzed.

3D Store Facade

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