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Unique Modern Store Design with Vintage Twist – Commercial Interior Design News

This clean-lined interior showcase for Aesop store in Stand Arcade, Sydney was designed by March Studio.  Aesop’s store offers a complete range of skin, hair and body products.  Each Aesop’s store is unique and aims to add rather than detract from the existing built environment, taking into account the characteristics of a particular neighborhood it’s located in.

Store interior design with vintage twist

Aesop’s Strand store is a unique contemporary addition to the arcade, “a vision of alabaster, cooling green hues and amber glass.” The clean-lined space offers a visual break from the busy arcade. The use of porcelain tile, a precious, timeless material, which also lines all the floors of the Strand Arcade, adds that vintage feel to the space.

Store interior design with vintage twist

“Our stores are unique in the retail landscape and have little in common with one another aside from a welcoming ambience. We regard our stores as showcases for our highly prized products. To make the most interesting use of each space, we collaborate with talented designers and architects. Within each store, we work with objects and materials that offer interesting possibilities because of their colour, texture or history.” From Aesop.com

Store interior design with vintage twist

“In Adelaide, we used thousands of glass bottles to create a wave-like amber ceiling. In London, we used muted greens and reclaimed furniture and fittings to lend the required air of elegance. In Eslite, Taipei, our products are surrounded by fields of books. And in Paris, we crafted fittings of leather and steel because those materials seemed, for reasons lyrical, right for the space. Our concern with design applies to our containers, labels and bamboo gift boxes also – all are highly functional and carefully considered objects, modest in appearance but the end result of much thinking. We believe unequivocally that good design can improve your life.” From Aesop.com

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