(Wallcovering photo: worldarchitecturenews.com)

While a fresh coat of paint is often the easiest way to bring a space to life, modern tastes do not always go for easy. There is a large variety of finishes that can give a space not only color, but also character, so the choice goes beyond picking a paint color. Here are only a few finishes that will most likely adorn the walls of many private and public spaces in 2016.

Designed by Serena Confalonieri for Portego, Tarsine is a collection of modular maple panels inspired by the technique of inlay work. The waterproof panels mix the rigor of geometry with the nostalgic feel of Venetian architecture.

               Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

The wallcoverings in Black Edition’s new Kansai collection do not suffer from shyness. The vibrant patterns and colors are inspired by nature and can single-handedly revitalize a space.

                    Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

Drawing from Roy Lichtenstein’s pop art, the POP tiles by Ceratec borrow from its bright colors, dynamic mid-century vibe and eye-catching close-ups.

                                            Photo: POP Series By Ceratec via worldarchitecturenews.com

If flat wallcoverings are not enough to satisfy adventurous tastes, the Edgy tile collection for Kaza Concrete offers a three-dimensional alternative for both interior and exterior surfaces. The asymmetrical tiles have a hexagonal base and various front patterns and shapes that can be combined in unique ways.

                                                              Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

Handmade of 70 percent recycled clay body, the Sakura tile collection from Fireclay Tile is inspired by the beauty of Japanese landscapes and the grace and elegance of Japanese patterns.

                                                                      Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

Dreamt up by Form Us With Love of Sweden, BAUX Träullit is a collection of wood wool acoustic panels for homes, public and industrial spaces. The six geometrical shapes come in two sizes and five sets of color, allowing for a great amount of freedom and creativity in combining them. The panels help in regulating heat and moisture, reducing energy cost.

                                                            Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

A concept that is able to cause veritable creative addictions, the “Tears Off” wallpaper is the result of a collaboration between ZNAK and the Dutch artist Aldo Kroese. Peeling off perforated portions of the wallpaper reveals the wall underneath and allows for a variety of artistic displays.

            Photo: Movisi via worldarchitecturenews.com

The URBAN FABRIC area rug collection by Four O Nine is an ingenious concept that turns floor coverings into veritable objects of study. The rugs are representations of different cities in high and low pile patterns.

                                                      Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

Designed by Diego Grandi for Lea Ceramique, the Type-32 collection brings to mind the classic herringbone floor pattern. The slats come in four different shapes and four color tones in cold and warm shades. This is yet another modern finish that allows for artistic creativity and personal taste.

                                                                Photo: worldarchitecturenews.com

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