Light pieces have a double role in interior design: they create a certain ambiance and add their own shape, color and character to a space. In an attempt to be more than a second-hand presence within the decor of a space, light pieces in 2016 take a new turn, they bring in a new element, or offer the eye something surprising. Here are a few examples, starting with our own light beauties.

The Cheers pendants bring together seven clear glass globes arranged into an upside-down bouquet of lights. The effect is dramatic, even though the transparency of the shades keeps the structure light and unobtrusive.

Stripes always find a way to be trendy. The alternating rows of spun metal in the Akida pendant create the impression of a dressed-up shade that asks for attention while remaining in the realm of subtle elegance.

With a romantic teardrop shape and the mysterious transparency of colored glass, the Soleil pendant is the ultimate ambient lighting piece.

Stepping aside from our own pieces, we see in other new light fixture an attempt to bring in new features, materials, shapes or concepts. The world’s first digitally customizable pendant lamp, Alphabeta by Luca Nichetta offers billions of unique combinations of its 24 shades (eight shade shapes in various colors). For those who want more control over the details of their decor and are looking for unique pieces, Alphabeta may be the answer.


Created in response to an ever busier modern life, the Sketch lamp collection from Studio Beam keeps the design simple, with see-through wire shades and graceful silhouettes.

                                                  Photo: Yoav Gurin via

The shades of this lighting collection from Janie Knitted Textiles are made of wool strands woven onto metal frames. The sharp geometry of the frame and the soft vibe of the wool combine into pieces of interesting visual effect, enhanced by the colors obtained by a partial dye bath treatment.


Available in three conical shapes of an impeccable geometry, with spun aluminum construction and paper-like matte finishes, the Claesson Koivisto Rune w151 pendants for Wästberg define the space with their decisive angles and curves, despite their apparent simplicity.


Reminiscent of metal drops coming to life under the heat of fire, the Tom Dixon’s Melt collection brings in the drama.


A nostalgic mixture of modern and traditional, the Chapel light combines a stained glass window with a simple dome-shaped shade. The contrast between traditional and minimalist elements is what gives it undeniable charm.

                  Photo: Arthur Woodcroft via

Finally, born out of a childhood memory, the Tutu lamp from Iskos-Berlin flaunts a felt shade that reminds of a skirt. Lighthearted yet nostalgic, the lamp shade softens and dims the light for just the right mood before sleep.


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