Today’s trends in furniture seem to go towards simplicity. Maybe it is the minimalist tendencies of the times and the attempt of homeowners to declutter their houses and their lives.

But this simplicity does not mean that function, durability or beauty are sacrificed. Here a few examples of trendy seating options that are not only comfortable and attractive, but functional and sometimes even customizable.

First, a few of our own indoor and outdoor restaurant-quality pieces created by Citta Seating, that mix good looks and excellent durability. Made of metal, these chairs are highly resistant to daily, consistent use and offer long-term solutions for public spaces.

The design of the Caspian Chair from the Lake Collection takes a step away from the uninspiring look of typical chairs in outdoor venues, with a charming cutout design that has great visual impact.

From the same collection, the Huron Chair proves that classic shapes can be modernized without sacrificing the old-time feel that gives them character. With a sturdy metal frame, this is a perfect option for public spaces in need for both durability and glamor.

The simplified version of a classic design, the Michigan Chair retains the elegant vibe of the original.

Finally, the Superior Chair goes back to mid-century lines, with clean looks and ample seating.

The combination between durability and simplicity is the main element in many other trendy designs that have emerged lately. The Honken Chair from Bla Station, for instance, is built with the declared intention to withstand the passing of time. It is not only the solid, impact-resistant steel framework that accounts for this, but also the clean lines, versatile enough to look at home in present and future decors.


We find the same modern wooden legs in the design of the Ivy Chair from Mambo Unlimited Ideas. Here, simplicity does not exclude sophistication. Every element of the chair seems to have a character of its own, and this quality is emphasized by the various colors, patterns and materials.


When it comes to function, the GiBooth by Jakob Gomez responds to the increased need for privacy in public spaces. The side wings provide a partial and temporary retreat from the world, but also function as acoustic panels for one-on-one conversation.


As for poufs, stools and ottomans, versatility is key, even though a sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. The Cora pouf by Manrico Freda (called by its own designer “a half-shorn sheep”) mixes a stretchy water-resistant fabric with natural wool felt for a hard-to-ignore look.


The Olly Stool from Junction Fifteen draws on the look of the traditional milking stool, but its design takes an ingenious turn. The three steel legs appear to form a continuous closed loop, and three finger holes make it easy to move and carry.


Finally, the Cool with Wool pieces by Aud Julie Befring features a collection of removable felted wool hemispheres on top of a stool with simple traditional lines. These hemispheres can be easily repositioned to create personalized designs.


Please take a look at our Before and After images of selected projects from 2015 HERE.

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