Apple Store Front with Flowers

While the 2-D treatment of a 3-D subject is a common occurrence, the reverse is often an event. Selfridge’s windows in London offer such a visual event to passers-by and Apple aficionados. Inspired by the UI design of the Apple Watch, the store displays a collection of eye-catching 3-D flowers, from over-sized to minuscule.

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Apple 3D Window Display

This is not the first time that Apple serves as an inspiration for the design of the iconic department store’s windows, but it may just be the prettiest installation so far. Among the pastel-colored flowers, yellow poppies infuse the place with a burst of bright color, beautifully contrasting with the dark window casements.

3D Flower Window Display

The concept was meticulously and painstakingly brought to life by a team of artists who sculpted and painted more than 5,800 flowers, including 24 large ones that amaze with their level of artistic detail. The small flowers were 3-D printed, while the larger ones were made of cast resin.

Store Window Display Design

Beauty often comes with a huge price of time and effort, and the original photos took Apple tens of thousands of shots per flower. It was only fitting that the 3-D artistic rendering of the flower concept would be as careful and precise as the photographic effort.

Store Window Display

Placed in the middle of the floral display, the Apple Watch looks tiny, yet imposing. Superimposing the small 2-D image and the flamboyant 3-D flowers is an artistic act in itself. Beyond the obvious commercial purpose, this is the kind of multi-medium approach that modern art often employs. For those inclined to look beyond things, the fields of blossoming flowers taking over the Selfridge windows are a superb symbol of the beauty of modern technology.

Window 3D Design

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