Designer: Ol’ha Shevchenko

The human body has always been a source of artistic inspiration, and the art of interior design is no exception from the rule. Taking a hint from the anatomy of the human muscle, designer Ol’ha Shevchenko created a lighting fixture that evokes the shape and grace of the human arms and legs. Fittingly named the Bionic Floor Light, the lamp borrows from the sculptural beauty of the human body and stands tall at almost four feet as a veritable element of decor.

Bionic Lamp

But the design goes beyond simply recalling the soft curves of the human body. It also suggests the makeup of muscular fiber and translates it into an elegant abstract design.

Bionic Design Concept

During the day, this combination of negative and positive spaces, combined with the winding silhouette of the lamp, gives this piece a statuesque look. At night, it filters the light and creates beautiful plays of shadows.

Bionic Floor Light

The lamp is not the only “bionic” creation of designer Ol’ha Shevchenko. Among others, she created a door and a molded plastic chair using a similar design.

Bionic Design Door

Bionic Design Chair

However, pairing the concepts of light and human body is bound to give some points of reflection. The burning light inside the DuPont™ Corian muscle is an excellent suggestion of the energy and fire inside the human body. This is a fascinating thing to contemplate before drifting into sleep under the relaxing play of light and shadows projected by the Bionic Floor Light.

Bionic Lamp Design

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