While the art of wall paneling goes as far back as the 15th century, there is nothing old-fashioned in the look of Interlam’s architectural wall panels. The North Carolina-based company offers sculpted, carved, decorative and ornamental wall panels that contribute to creating spectacular interiors.

Ornamental wall panel with metallic tonesInterlam’s extensive collections and designs take a three-dimensional twist on the less inspiring flat panels. The Super Rock architectural wall panels, for instance, are cast from reinforced gypsum and come in large sheets that minimize the number of seams. The designs go from flower-inspired shapes to wave-textured panels and from faceted surfaces to playful bubble pieces.

Faceted architectural wall panels with metallic tonesThe wave design of the Art Diffusion collection gives an interior a sense of fluidity and movement.

White architectural wall panels with wavy patterns inside a restaurantThe company also designs and manufactures screens that make for spectacular dividers, room partitions or simply ornamental pieces. The Metal Screen collection is made of laser-cut mild steel, powder-coated to achieve a finish look.

Laser-cut-steel architectural panels with geometric patternThe geometric and organic designs of the Interlam screens flaunt curves or straight lines that create more or less complicated structures.

Metal dividers and decorative wall treatments in elegant restaurantThe versatility of Interlam architectural panels is impressive. Used to cover walls, furniture and ceilings, or ready to turn into wall art, furniture treatments or decorative and functional components in store interiors, they accommodate imaginative designs and dramatic interiors.

Wall panel serving as a screen divider in a restaurant

Designer: Interlam
All photos: Interlam

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