Concrete floors with elegant floral pattern

Concrete floors have long ago crossed from the realm of industrial sites into that of residential interior design. It is not only because their unique looks are perfect for spaces with a rustic, urban or industrial flair, but also because of their versatile nature, ease of maintenance and the rare quality of being an allergen-free flooring choice.

Floral patterns etched into concrete floors
While polished concrete floors look spectacular in the most sophisticated environments, and while concrete can be stamped with imprints that can even mimic the look of hardwood floors, the creative studio Transparent House had found another way to spruce up concrete slabs. Floral ornaments are etched into the concrete, creating a visual feast of curves and swirls.

Decorative cement floor with dark swirl patterns
The beauty of these floors comes from the contrast between the cold, heavy material and the graceful, light and delicate floral pattern. It is a smart way to add warmth to a material associated for so long with functional industrial environments.

Unique concrete decorations with swirls and nature-inspired patterns
The concrete art by Transparent House is a happy medium between the functional rigidity of an unlikely interior design material and the soft elegance of the scroll patterns. With the tone-on-tone design, the contrast is kept at the pattern level, without becoming chromatically overwhelming. Another possible point of contrast is the matte quality of the design against the glossy surface of the polished concrete. This is a creative way to customize the floor of a contemporary home and make it truly unique.

Light-colored concrete enhanced with white floral patterns

Designer: Transparent House
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