Example of acrylic glass in office design

When designing a residential or commercial interior, the ceiling is often the forgotten space that gets the short stick of the budget. While a large part of the planning and resources is spent on wall and floor treatments, the ceiling often ends up painted over and considered done. However, a unique ceiling with body, architectural interest and a few singular touches can entirely transform a space. Here is the solution found by Sabbagh Arquitectos for the Entel corporate office building in Santiago de Chile, that used atypical ceiling materials to create a cool and modern vibe. 

Perforated metal panels as ceiling materials in office space

Photo via retaildesignblog.net

The painted metal ceiling is made of Aluphant perforated aluminum panels.

Illuminated ceiling made of atypical materials

Photo via retaildesignblog.net

The designers wanted to achieve a look that would be spectacular both during the day and at night. Metal fit the bill, giving the ceiling a modern, unconventional flair, so they chose Aluphant’s PURE Bright Brushed transparent coating to emphasize the beauty of the metal.

Outside view of three levels of corporate office ceilings

Photo via retaildesignblog.net

Another example of an atypical solution when it comes to ceiling materials offers a visually interesting method of dressing it up while encasing the light in three-dimensional structures. W&W is such a light system, designed by Pool and manufactured by Alter, both based in Paris. Perfect for large commercial spaces with dropped ceilings, W&W creates a geometric landscape that completely changes the appearance of the mundane office ceiling.

White geometric ceiling made of acrylic glass

Photo courtesy of Pool

The modules are made of metal and PMMA and can be used to completely recreate the shape of the ceiling or add small areas of architectural interest to the existing ones.

Pyramidal-shaped elements made of atypical ceiling materials

Photo courtesy of Pool

Via retaildesignblog.net (PURE metal ceilingW&W)
All photos via retaildesignblog.net

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