Unique ceramic tiles with textile patterns

Inspiration often comes from surprising places, as is the case with the WARP tile collection from the Spanish design atelier estudi{H]ac. Sparked by the way tailors work with textiles to shape unique, perfectly fit clothing pieces for every customer, the WARP unique ceramic tiles are meant to assist in creating the same customized look for interior spaces.

Solid-colored and patterned dark grey ceramic tilesThe creators of WARP explain how they found inspiration in the step-by-step process followed by tailors. First, tailors study and measure the body for which they create the clothing piece. Then, they choose the fabrics, colors and shades that are best suited to the customer’s unique physique and personality. A similar process is followed by the estudi{H}ac designers when helping to create unique spaces using the WARP tiles.

Beige bathroom tilesThe designers started with a single ceramic base, inspired by the warp and weft basic elements of all textiles. This textured structure is the background on which the next design elements are built.

Tile ceramic basePatterns were next, devised in such a way that different tile configurations would create different looks and customized interior spaces. They help achieve effects such as gradients, paths, line networks etc.

Light-colored wall tiles with geometric designFinally, the colors are limited to a neutral palette, with anthracite, marsala, white bone and pumice stone as chromatic options.

Ceramic tiles with geometric patternsThe creative process involved in the design of the WARP collection is itself fascinating and surprising. For instance, the geometry of the tile patterns has been drawn from that of men suits. While ceramic and textiles may have little in common, these unique ceramic tiles prove that beauty is transferable from one medium to another. 

Unique ceramic tiles with textured look

Via retaildesignblog.net
Designer: estudi{H}ac
All photos: retaildesignblog.net

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