White tiles with ribbon pattern

The variety in ceramic tile designs is impressive, yet there is always a new source of inspiration, a new twist in an old design, or a new way to manufacture the material. Relief ceramic tiles, for instance, bring texture and a new level of visual interest to an interior space. They are more than simple wall treatments – they are true elements of wall decor.

Inspired by the way that birds build their nests, Madrid-based Dsignio studio created the Laccio ceramic tile design for the Peronda Group. The ceramic tiles are crisscrossed by strips interlaced at sharp angles that create a balanced sum of positive and negative spaces.

Customized look with ribbon-patterned relief ceramic tilesThe ribbon-like strands create a bas-relief effect, dress the walls and give the impression of a carefully built, protective structure.

Relief ceramic tiles with crisscrossing ribbon patternWhen designed within a monochromatic register, the tiles give texture to the walls and bring in visual drama without relying on chromatic contrasts. However, combining different colors from the same natural register (pale or gray cement, warm wood and stain white wood) leads to creations that can mimic the warmth of wood or add to the impression of walls being wrapped in strips and ribbons.

Wall tiles in a combination of neutral tonesDutch company Mosa combined a series of geometric shapes to create another type of relief ceramic tiles, reminiscent of the ‘60s classic design. Gathered under the name “Kho Liang le Collection,” the tiles feature circles, segments of circles, triangles and diagonals.

Relief ceramic tiles with semi-circle patternThe gloss white design is clean and crisp and allows the eye to follow the beauty of the pattern unencumbered by chromatic distractions.

White relief ceramic tiles with geometric patternsThe tiles can be combined in endless patterns to create unique looks. An additional tile with a simple smooth surface is part of the collection and provides the necessary visual break where needed. This collection is a perfect tool for the creative designer that wants a customized look and sees in every interior design material a potential for artistic expression.

Tiled walls in public space

Via designboom.com and retaildesignblog.net
Designers: Dsignio (Laccio) and Mosa (Kho Liang le Collection)
Photos: designboom.com (Laccio) and retaildesignblog.net (Kho Liang le Collection)

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