This funky-looking store was founded by Johnny Earle, a 28-year-old multi-million dollar business owner. Known by his brand name Johnny Cupcakes, the owner is famous for making a life-changing decision to drop out of college and do what he loves most – design clothing. His label uses a “cupcake” theme unrelated to fashion to promote the brand. Despite the fact that his clothing boutique design draws inspiration from bakery interiors, it’s clothing, not cupcakes, that are the main product here.

Clothing boutique owner

The store design is modeled after vintage bakeries. Johnny Cupcakes shops are filled with retro-style ovens and pastry cases to display the brand’s shirts and hats. Bakery-inspired decorative accents, refrigerators, window displays, pastry boxes and even employee attire are conspiring to create this whole image. A frosting scent completes the illusion of a retail environment. As a brand that sits at the unlikely intersection of two different types of businesses, Johnny Cupcakes is an ingenious way to keep retail excting. 

Clothing boutique design with oven and refrigerator-style display cases

This unique concept of creating something this unexpected to sell clothes proved successful. It is true, however, that a few customers have became upset after entering the store only to discover that clothing, not cupcakes, are sold there. On the other hand, Johhny Cupcakes t-shirts have become collectible items, and the brand has a satisfying number of loyal customers.

Interior of clothing store with display cases inspired by bakery design

Johnny Cupcakes’ brand and clothing boutique design play with our expectations, and that has made the company different and interesting. The idea of creating an environment unrelated to the actual product is surprising, ingenious and creative. These are attributes that customers appreciate, as everything that is out of the ordinary.

Store interior with employees wearing bakery-inspired attire

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