Elegant shoe shop storefront design

Interior designer company Dear came up with the new Nino shoe store design in Barcelona. Even from the outside, clean lines and upgraded materials make it clear that this is a swanky shop that caters to an upscale clientele.

The store designer only had a small space of 25 square meters (270 sf) to work with, but was able to make it feel open and clean while cozy and intimate by allowing easy movement within the store. There is no large, bulky furniture or awkward angles to navigate. Elegant entrance to black-and-white shoe store

The interior has a very contemporary, clean style that showcases the beautiful shoes and purses instead of competing with them. The corner location of the store allows welcoming light to come in through both windows, making the space feel larger.

Subtle lighting in chic shoe store store design

Glass and onyx were used in the design of the store. This allows passers-by to see all the available wares that entices them to enter and look around. Recessed lighting in the walls showcases the purses and shoes, highlighting the walls and shelves where they are carefully placed.

The only furniture (besides the glossy shelves and counter) is the contemporary black-and-white bench where shoppers can try on shoes. The mirrors on the bottom of the shelves serve the dual purpose of assisting the clients as well as reflecting the gleaming surfaces of the shop.

Large upholstered bench in sophisticated shoe shop

The right shoe store interior design plays a major role in attracting customers, and this interior designer has achieved the goal with the new Nino Barcelona.

Illuminated shelving in shoe shop

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