One of our favorite things to do is to keep an eye on new design products and get inspired by the ingenuity of their creators. Among these, accent pieces are a fun category, since they are simple to install, but have a high visual impact in the final interior design. Light fixtures are a great example, since they can single-handedly transform an old restaurant or commercial space. We collected here a few of our favorite trending light fixtures that succed in being both elegant and different.

Picture above: Dandelion Fireworks Modern Pendant Ceiling Lights from LampsWell

1. Fun Lighting

There is always an appetite for lighting that has character, a fun vibe and an element of the unconventional. While everyone appreciate classic lines, one-of-a-kind accent pieces have their own fans. Whether it has to do with their looks, material or functionality, you may only need to choose some unique light fixtures to make a space memorable.

The charm of this Sola light pendant by David Trubridge, for instance, comes from its atypical color and cutout design. The piece was created as part of an installation inspired by the myth of Icarus and represents the fatal sun. The intricate lights and shadows it reflects at night provide you with an easy way to change the mood of the room with one single click and to make any other wall and ceiling decor unnecessary.

Sola light fixture by David Trubridge

2. Mystical Light Fixtures

If you are designing a restaurant where ambiance is important, one of the most efficient ways to create the effect you want is using the right light fixtures. Enhancing the sense of mystery and awe may transform a restaurant from a simple food service venue into a place of wonder and artistic enjoyment.

These Dandelion Fireworks modern pendants are great examples of completely defining a space by lighting alone and by lending it a magical feel. Very aptly named, the pendants find inspiration in the delicate look of dandelion flowers, borrow from the energy and glow of fireworks, and convey the dynamic impression of movement arrested in time. Set against a dark background, they resemble explosions of light that fill the space, bring the eye upwards and create an enchanting, otherworldly look.  

Dandelion Fireworks Modern Pendant Ceiling Lights from LampsWell

3. Geometric Lighting

For simpler tastes and spaces, geometric light fixtures answer both the need for clean lines and for one-of-a-kind designs. This Origami pendant light from Matteo Lighting takes a hint from the traditional Japanese craft and offers a 3-D design that suits well modern and contemporary interiors. Visually interesting, but minimalist in its construction, this piece is a great example of trending light fixtures whose charm comes from turning geometric shapes into art.

The Origami Pendant Light from Matteo Lighting

4. Simple Elegance

When used right, simple does not have to be boring. In fact, there is a whole world of beauty and elegance in simple lines. This Modern Ruff pendant light from Matteo Lighting evokes the fashion of the 16th and 17th century and exudes enough personality by just bringing in an extra element to a white spherical lamp shade. 

Modern Ruff Pendant Light from Matteo Lighting

The same technique takes an exposed bulb to another level and turns a simple piece into an elegant one. 

Milla Pendant Light from Hudson Valley Lighting Group

5. Colorful Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can save a color-starved space from monotony, whether such a design happens by choice or by chance. Beyond its retro look, perfect for an ice-cream parlor or nostalgic coffee shop, the charm of this Avery light pendant comes from its soft yet convincing pink tones. Using such pieces in an otherwise chromatically subdued space gives it just the right amount of pizzazz. We love using these kind of trending light fixtures in combination with other colorful accent pieces or finishes whenever our goal is an interior full of vitality and character.  

Avery Light Pendant from Hudson Valley Lighting Group

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