This fun LED Flashing Board is not like any regular Menu board or advertising sign you see every day. This sign will flash in different colors and the message can be customized to your menu change or any special sale. The sign can be used on windows, walls or freestanding on a special easel to accommodate your interior design needs.

flashing sign

By using special Fluorescent markers your message will shine with bright letters. To change your message is very easy. Erase your old message with a soft cloth or tissue and write a new one.

Flashing Message Board

This Flashing Message Board an be perfect for following businesses:
Coffee Shops
Sandwich Shops
Ice Cream Parlors
Fast Food Outlets
Wine & Cocktail Bars
Pubs & Restaurants
Hair & Beauty Salons
Estate Agents
Travel Agents
Convenience Stores
Retail outlets
Kids’ Lemonade Stands

To learn more about these Flashing Message Boards go to this website.