Glass Bar Design

As I was searching for materials for my new project I came across this beautiful website ThinkGlass. ThinkGlass Master Glass Artist Michel Mailhot creates stunning pieces for any type of application, from commercial interiors to residential kitchens and baths.

Glass Chelving Store Itnerior Design

I never really took it into consideration that glass can actually be strong enough to become a shelf or a counter top. But after browsing Michel’s work I am full of ideas!

Glass counter Store Design

The beautifully textured glass can also be back-lit with different colors LEDs.  And it’s exactly what we will be using on our next interior design project.  The LEDs will also change colors depending on your mood.

Bakclit Glass Bar Design

Backlit Glass Bar Design

You don’t have to own a bar to enjoy this beautiful art.  You can have it right in your home as a counter-top or as a backslash in your kitchen.

Kitchen Glass Counter Top

Glass Counter Bathroom Design

To see more work by Michel Mailhot, click HERE.