In both commercial and residential interior design projects, there is a significant appetite for unique lighting pieces in 2020. Many designers relish the opportunity to use light to not only emphasize the advantages of the space they work with, but also as an artistic element. Graceful, ingenious and sometimes breathtaking, this year’s lighting fixtures are meant to become protagonists, rather than supporting actors, in the decorative script of new stores, restaurants or homes. 

Here are only a handful of new lighting trends to enjoy this year.

Creative Lights

When it comes to artistic expression in the design of light fixtures, designers’ creativity is limitless. Here is La Belle Étoile light pendant by Adriano Rachele, echoing the ruffles of a ballerina dress and filling the space with its sculptural beauty. Light fixtures such as this one are more than just illuminating objects. They play the role of decorative art objects and enter into competition with wall or table decor pieces.  

La Belle Étoile is lightweight, unbreakable and handcrafted, with a dimmable LED light. It also comes in a cordless applique version.

La Belle Étoile by SLAMP from LUXE Design

Floral Lights

As one of the most evident lighting trends of 2020, there is an increasing need of treating the ceiling with the attention it deserves and allowing it to become a background for artistic development. Floral-inspired lights, with their full body and minute detail, are ideal for filling this vast empty space.

This Vintage Magnolia Blossom Ceiling Light is made of gunmetal tin in dark shades with hints of bronze and rust. Its realistic shape is a beautiful combination of layers, curves and shadows – a little explosion of floral beauty suitable to industrial, rustic and contemporary spaces alike. 

Vintage Magnolia Blossom Ceiling Light from Shades of Light

Available in five bright and pastel colors, this Lotus Flower Ceiling Light comes with brass hardware that gives it extra warmth and luster. It is a perfect choice for a space that goes for an abundance of details, but also for a minimalist interior that uses beautiful functional pieces, instead of simply decorative objects, to raise its aesthetics.

Lotus Flower Ceiling Light from Shades of Light

For those who love the idea of floral inspiration, but prefer a more stylized, contemporary look, this Ruffled Edge Hammered Metal Ceiling Light brings on the curves and shine in a subtler manner. The gold leaf interior is perfectly aligned to the newly revived preference for all things gold in today’s interior design world.

Ruffled Edge Hammered Metal Ceiling Light from Shades of Light

Natural Elegance

Part of the continuing nature-inspired lighting trends, and perfect for outdoor spaces that need some pattern and contrast, this Foscarini Twiggy Grid Pendant comes with a tapered drum shade that brings to mind outdoor nets, trellises, gates or intersecting branches. The woven shade softens the glare and creates visual interest with its play of positive and negative spaces. 


Foscarini Twiggy Grid Outdoor Pendant by Marc Sadler from Lightology

LED Tubes

Neon or neon-like light fixtures are almost a must for a cool and relaxed restaurant or bar, especially one targeting a young clientele. This hip LED indoor lamp subtly illuminates the space, but does it almost as a second thought. One will first think of this piece as wall decor, in which light becomes part of the fixture’s body. 

Modern Minimalist Creative LED Indoor Wall Lamp from Affinity Find

Fun Sconces

There are few things more liberating than designing a wall sconce. While illumination is their main role, wall sconces are the perfect medium for artistic expression. They can play their part as wall decor, as an auxiliary to a piece of art, or simply as a source for ambient lighting. It is no wonder that 2020 lighting trends in wall sconces are fun, creative – and sometimes surprising. 

This Piedra wall sconce collection, for instance, uses marble and onyx for its shades. While the shape is simple, with an almost traditional look, its charms comes from the beauty, luster and natural patterns of the carved material. Inspired by the stone masks of the ancient civilization of Teotihuacán, these wall sconces come with a story worth digging into, and are perfect for filling the walls of art lovers.

Wall Sconces from the Piedra lighting collection on L’Aviva Home

Reminiscent of a car headlight, this compact indoor/outdoor Dimple Smoke Sconce creates a warm glow, softened by the solid glass-cast construction. This minimalist piece is highly adaptable to many types of decor, whether modern, industrial or even traditional.

Dimple Smoke Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

The appetite for glamorous pieces is here to stay, and we see gold as the accent color of choice for many 2020 interiors. Made of brass and iron, this Edye Sconce from Anthropologie plays on the contrast between the exposed industrial light-bulb and the luxurious round back plate with a gold marble effect.

Edye Sconce from Anthropologie

For modern spaces that want to achieve a cool effect, a piece such as the Expansion sconce by Rob Zin uses colored layers to create an artistic light effect. Evoking the trajectories of sun-orbiting planets, the sconce comes in a variety of color combinations and spikes both the artistic sense and the imagination of those around.

Expansion sconce by Rob Zinn on blankblank

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