Photo of 3-D wall art tiles:

Interior design has come a long way since the dark, oak-covered walls of the ’70s and ’80s. In recent years, however, the concept of wood as wall treatment has not been abandoned, but rather reinvented. In fact, the versatility, warmth and natural look of wood is hard to match, and the examples below prove it.

Combining the noise-absorbing qualities of soundproofing materials with the aesthetics of wall decor, the wooden acoustic panels from Materials Inc. add texture to walls with their wavy construction. The look is so modern and elegant that the wave panels can simply be used as visual elements of decor, for their sculptural appeal.


The beauty of natural birch is often showcased in flooring projects. But mounting such material on walls allows the eye to fully enjoy it. The Tula natural birch bark tiles from Materials Inc. reveal the charm of the outer layer of the birch tree and are available in different color profiles.


Wood mosaics reinvent the concept of wood paneling. The Muirdera mosaic tiles from Materials MarketingTM are made of solid wood and flaunt the beauty of natural wood grain.


Wood tiles need not be captive to conventional shapes. Round-shaped wood mosaic tiles keep closer to the look of wood in its natural state while adding a 3-D element to interior walls.


When coming face to face with textured wood wall tiles, one is reminded of the versatility of wood and the ancient art of wood carving. The Dune tiles from the Canada-based furniture and product design studio urbanproduct can be arranged in different patterns for an eye-catching visual effect.


For those who are nostalgic for wood panels, yet prefer more variety, Stikwood created reclaimed wood panels and had the brilliant idea of making them easy to apply. The ease of application makes the Stickwood planks perfect for creative projects, from tables and headboards to shutters and wall art pieces.


Finally, as a bonus, here is another unconventional use for wood: lighting fixtures. Thanks to the inexhaustible imagination of LZF Lamps designers, we may never look at a tree the same way again. Floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling and wall lamps, all made of wood veneer, are shaped into stunning pieces and are all proof that wood is a much underestimated way of diffusing and softening light.


Please take a look at our Before and After images of selected projects from 2015 HERE.

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