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In a time where we have to abandon our privacy the moment we step out the door, every little effort in trying to preserve a little bit of distance from the world helps. Built around the idea of such a retreat in the middle of a busy world, privacy seating offers a refreshing (even if imperfect) shield from the eyes and ears of the others.

Here are only a few such chairs and sofas that mix modern features with noise-blocking and conversation-enhancing qualities. Whether used in offices, lobbies or lounges, they offer some much needed privacy in public spaces.

This Villa Shade piece is part of the Villa modular lounge seating collection from Kimball Office. It is factory-customized with one or two divider panels and comes in one-seat or two-seat options. The panels decrease the effect of surrounding noise and provide an increased feeling of privacy.


Privacy seating is not only for public spaces. While the enveloping shell-shaped back and arms of the Haiku sofa do create a sense of privacy when used in offices and lobbies, they turn this piece into an intimate, inviting sanctuary when used in residential spaces. The sofa was designed by GamFratesi for Fredericia.


The Alcove Highback Sofa from Vitra is the creation of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. With flexible, zippered side and back panels, the sofa has excellent noise-absorbing qualities, while its height creates a sense of temporary retreat from the world.


When two of these seating pieces are placed face to face, they create a partially enclosed space excellent for work and conversation. The sense of visual privacy makes the users more comfortable, while the panels increase the quality of conversation by directing sound forward. Even more, with the choice of built-in writing shelves and storage compartments, the Alcove Highback Work Sofas are conducive to work-efficient and pleasant eye-to-eye interaction.


An extra side panel turns the sofas into the Alcove Cabin. The cabin designates a partially but comfortably secluded space or – when it is used in a work area – an office within an office. Here, the visual privacy becomes the main benefit.


Finally, the Code sofa created by Jang Won Yoon (Bernhardt Design) is a highly configurable seating piece that combines modern clean lines with a beautifully curved enveloping construction. This time, the panels create the impression of a surrounding privacy wall.


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