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Ginger+Soul is known worldwide for its fresh, brave, urban clothing. Popular in Spain, Belgium and Italy, and constantly expanding, this brand appeals to confident, exuberant young women, Ginger+Soul is focusing on branding its retail spaces as boldly as its clothing line. The new interior design of the retail space now reflects that same sensibility of freedom and uniqueness customers have come to love about the merchandise.

store interior design and branding

The space’s interior designer gives a nod to the 1960’s and, possibly even to Alice in Wonderland, with its fanciful colors and exaggerated shapes. The bold, black letters of Ginger+Soul, with magnets used to create the “+” sign, are a distinct contrast to the store’s mod, colorful interior. Bubblegum pink, sky blue, butter-fresh yellow and a blue-tinged periwinkle alongside bursts of clean, bright white span the floors. The walls are a combination of photo collages displaying the Ginger+Soul spirit and design and a multi-hued span of plexi glass which picks up the colors from the floor.

clothing store interior design and branding

Racks of clothing line the perimeter of the open floor plan which features a sleek, modern seating area in the center. For this neoteric interior, the absence of mannequins is refreshing. Apparel is hung on angled, bubblegum pink rods that can be placed in a variety of arrangements. The way the clothing is displayed allows the customer to create a deeply personal look without relying on another’s vision. The new interior design is a true branding match for Ginger+Soul. The retail space is now as fearless and fun-filled as its customers.

store interior designer

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