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Interactive Store Display Design Or Inside of a Hermes Bag – Commercial Interior Design News

Interactive Store Display Design Allows to Get Inside of a Hermes Bag.

Interactive Store Display

Nothing says luxury like the opportunity to experience the rich inner world, so to speak, or an elegant Hermes handbag. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a pair of sunglasses or bedazzled cell phone cradled in the sumptuous interior of Hermes new Kelly line, visit the Concept store in the ground floor of Selfridge’s for a uniquely stylish experience. The enormous Hermes handbag parked in the middle of Selfridge’s Wonder Room is an outsized version of the stunning Kelly handbag, down to the last stitch.

Interactive Store Display

Harnessing the wow factor of video technology and special effects, this larger than life Hermes handbag presents a unique customer experience as part of Selfridge’s Christmas ‘Play’ marketing and branding concept this year. The walk in handbag is the heart of an Hermes ‘Kellydoscope’ dedicated to giving holiday shoppers the complete Kelly experience. Inside the Hermes handbag, one minute films produced especially for this shopping experience show the customer the glamorous and carefree life of the pampered accessories a Kelly handbag carries. Customers can also examine the quality and craftsmanship of a luxurious Hermes handbag up close and personal. The larger than life details and clean lines on this outsized Hermes handbag show off the superior design and construction that Hermes is known for.

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