Brass-toned sconce with trendy construction

If light is a critical part of any interior design, it is also a great opportunity for designers to turn functional pieces into works of art. Lighting design trends also say a lot about how people see the spaces of tomorrow. Here are a few ways in which light will be showcased in homes and retail spaces in the future years.

Photo above: Kichler Lighting Jasper 2-light orb vanity light

One of the trends that are not necessarily new, but continue to have a strong hold on interior designers’ imagination is the geometric style in lighting design. While geometric table lamps have already gained terrain and made serious advancements into home and retail decor in the last years, more intriguing are the geometric chandeliers. Below, the Regina Andrew Acrylic Cube Chandelier satisfies the need for orderly lines, but leaves room for curves and delicate transparency.

Geometric chandelier as part of the 2017 lighting design trends

The geometric design pairs well with an industrial look. In fact, this is another trend that is here to stay. The Kandinsky open geometric pendant in silver is a great example of the attractive simplicity and character of the industrial style.

Industrial chandelier with a clean contemporary touch is trending in 2017

Keeping up with an increasingly popular return to simplicity, light fixtures with an unfinished look will continue to find their way into this year’s interior designs. This Kichler Lighting Barrington 5-light chandelier combines iron, wood and glass for a rustic look.

Rustic chandelier is part of a lighting design trend that asks for a return to simplicity

Mid-century vibes will resonate all through the next years. The style is characterized by clean lines and an appetite for unique shapes. The Arteriors Dallas chandelier in brown nickel retains a certain simplicity characteristic to modern pieces and introduces an element of artistic originality into the mix.

Sputnik-inspired chandelier with a trendy contemporary look

As for color, gold is making a big return this year, especially the soft, muted shades. Investing is such pieces is a sound idea, since designers agree that gold will not go anywhere very soon. When done right, this metallic look is a simple way to add a sense of luxury to an interior space. The Kichler Jasper orb vanity light is a good example of the sleek combination of form and color that brings brass back into play.

Clean light fixture design with brass frame

Finally, nature-inspired pieces provide some balance to the angular, raw or minimalist look of the light fixtures above. A return to the shapes and beauties of nature will bring some spectacular pieces into the interiors in the future. While most of the nature-inspired fixtures have a warmth that comes from color and less-than-regular shapes, the Snowburst chandelier by Elk Lighting is dramatic within a strict chromatic register.

Extravagant snowflake chandelier look is one of the 2017 lighting design trends

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