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Many accessory designs are the result of a passion for beauty, a love for decor and sometimes a welcome ability to sew. The Bloom blanket, however, is much more than that. It is the inspired outcome of a child’s love for origami, a student’s understanding of geometry and a designer’s curiosity about how geometry can be applied to her field of work.

Created by the Brazilian designer Bianca Cheng Costanzo, the Bloom blanket is made of 180 triangles hand-stitched into tetrahedrons by a team of seamstresses, then tessellated into a larger fabric sheet. The triangles are digitally drawn, then precisely cut by CNC fabric routers.

The result is a fabric of a fascinating 3-D geometry. While the raw material is a solid grey or white color, the visual interest comes from the origami-like angles and corners of the blanket. The concept is surprising, since angularity is not necessary a concept associated with the texture or look of fabrics.

The custom-woven material, produced in Prato, Italy, is 20 percent cashmere and 80 percent wool blend, which adds excellent softness and warmth to its list of qualities.

The designer recalls her interest in the art of origami as a young child. As an MIT student, her interest in geometry took a scientific turn, only to find itself slip into her design work. Applied geometrist Ron Resch and his 1960’s research into origami tessellation became a motivating factor for a designer with a knack for crossing interdisciplinary borders.

Being the work of an artist, designer and software engineer rolled into one, the Bloom blanket is itself more than just a blanket. It is an interior design accessory as much as it is a pretext for exploring geometric concepts, a product born out of a passion for mathematics – and out of Costanzo’s own life story.

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