Metallic paints in three different colors

Using metallic paints in interior design is an easy way to raise the decorative level of commercial or residential spaces. If you are looking for a paint that can make a strong visual statement and bring in an extra touch of glamour, consider the Modern Masters metallic paints. This generous collection keeps you well provided for both your interior and exterior projects and allows for your creative vision to come to life with intermixable colors that you can combine to create your own custom shades.

Silver metallic paint on decorative wall

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Modern Masters metallic paints are made with real metal particles, pearlescent pigments and traditional color pigments. They come in a large variety of colors from elegant and subtle pearl white and flash copper to daring amethyst and ruby, spanning the whole range of possible chromatic preferences. Metal imitations such as silver, gold, copper and bronze are available to those that prefer the rich look of metal without the added color.

As an added bonus, the paints are easy to clean up as needed.

Sideboard buffet painted in metallic silver

The sustainable and green ingredients used in manufacturing the Modern Masters metallic paints are one of their best attributes. The paints comply with SCAQMD Rule 1113, which a South Coast Air Quality Management District standard for coating products. That makes Modern Masters metallic paints suitable for commercial interior designs that require a low-VOC alternative (meaning the VOC content is 250 grams or less per liter for water-based paint, or 380 grams or less per liter for solvent-based paint).

Stenciled silver wall decorated with metallic paint

Wall painted in silver metallic paint and stenciled. Photo courtesy of

Using these low-VOC metallic paints in interior design is a great step towards safer practices. They are not manufactured with formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated solvents, mercury compounds, lead, cadmium or chromium VI.

Gold ceiling in metallic paint as a luxurious idea for restaurant design

Ballroom structure painted with Olympic Gold metallic paint. Photo courtesy of

Modern Masters is the leader in manufacturing water-based metallic paints, with products available through 4,000 paint retailers spanning 25 countries. LEED AP designers and other active participants in the green building movement are likely to find their products a safer yet luxurious alternative for all types of projects ranging from restaurant to office interior designs. 

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