Designers: Kai Liu, RIGIdesign
All photos: Jack Wen via

The road to simplicity is long and convoluted, and the RIGI office in Shanghai, China, is the perfect example to illustrate this fact. Designed to sit at the intersection of simple and complex, the office is both. Minimalist in composition, the space, however, offers the eye plenty to take in and finds its energy in the strong visual appeal of simple geometric shapes.

The office was meant to house a team of young designers, so the interior was built to be fresh and energetic. Kai Liu, founder of RIGI, together with his creative team, had to use a space built initially as part of a factory. The light was entering from only one side, but despite any other challenges, the space came with one advantage: the high ceilings gave the office an open, uncluttered feel and, used correctly, could subtly suggest an “open-mind” creative atmosphere.

The rectangular space is organized into functional areas and designed according to their purpose. The conference room steps away from any traditional design and redefines what the typical meeting room could look like. The visual impact of this space is not due to any variation of material. On the contrary, things are kept simple. High ceilings are replaced with one in the shape of a pitched roof, while wall lights create a subtle sense of layering.

The space empowers the spirit and lends those who meet here the feeling that they are on the tip of the spear of innovation. Yet the shape of the front wall suggests an idea of ceremony and solemnity, very appropriate in a space where creativity is revered.

The basic shapes are all-present, with rectangular ones defining every area of the office. To emphasize the sense of openness, areas are sometimes partitioned by open shelves and plants.

The chromatic scheme is kept simple, but it manages to escape the dangers of monotony. White, black, soft grays and blues come together into a calming and relaxing mix. The combination of geometric patterns and subtle colors creates a visually interesting space, yet keeps it unencumbered by strident chromatic choices. This is a pristine space meant to give creativity room to unfold.

The use of dark gray felt as wall material softens the space and balances the rigorous lines of the interior, making sure it does not become cold and rigid. In a space where every element seems to serve a definite and strict purpose, the choice of a soft material for walls brings in the intimate element necessary in all human abodes.

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