In resent years we may encounter a simple dilemma during remodel: to go with painting our space or to apply wallpaper. You have to consider a few things about paint and  wallpaper to make your final decision:

wallpaper selection for walls stripes

1. Location.  Paint is more practical in high humidity rooms, such as your kitchen, bathrooms or any other area you think moisture can become an issue.  Usually if the only method of ventilation in these rooms is a natural ventilation applying wallpaper may not be your best choice.  With time any wallpaper will peel away from the walls in the room with high humidity.  But wallpaper is more durable than paint and is perfect for high-traffic areas such as corridors, living rooms, bedrooms, kid’s rooms, and dining rooms.

wallpaper selection for walls geometrical

2. Drama. Wallpaper comes in different patterns, colors and textures.  You can create unique optical illusions with your wallpaper.  If the furniture you are planning to use is in plain colors, wallpaper will also add much needed contrast.  Go with paint if you think your furniture and especially your art has enough bright colors, texture and style.  But overall think about balancing out your design elements in any space. Remember, wallpaper will give you some amazing textures you would not be able to achieve with simple paint.

wallpaper selection for walls textured dark

3. Life Span. How often do you plan to change the look of your rooms? My grandparents used to paint their house every spring.  With modern paint it is not necessary to paint every year but every 4 to 5 years is highly recommended. Wall paint is usually washable and it does get dirty very quickly.  Some wallpaper can serve you up to 15 years, and you can easily wash it as well.  So if you are planning to stay with the same style for years to come, go with wallpaper.

wallpaper selection for walls classical look

4. Application.  As everybody knows applying wall paint is an easy task anybody can learn without taking any appropriate classes.  Applying wallpaper can be a bit tricky and you may have to use some help of professionals to at least prepare your walls. To change your old wallpaper you’ll have to peel off the old wallpaper and even the walls before reapplying new wallpaper. But remember, wallpaper is more forgiving to your walls and will hide any uneven surfaces and holes better than your paint.

wallpaper selection for walls textured

All images are by the wallpaper company Graham & Brown.

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