Seeing a new hotel being built is something I am always excited about! But seeing a really sleek hotel built in a heart of Greece, in a town where a part of my family lives, grabbed my attention even more!

Hotel Design

Thessaloniki is an ancient town by the waterfront with a tremendous history!  Even on my last visit a few years ago I was fascinated how new construction downtown had to be stopped and reevaluated because another ancient ruin was uncovered…

Hotel Design

The Met Hotel is a new extravagant luxury hotel I’d love to share today.  And the luxury is not only in the sleek lines of the hotel’s design… In your rooms, on the contrasting black walls, you will find gallant shots by famous fine-art photographers like Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth. All around public spaces, between the lobby and the spa, you’ll find sculptures and video works by some of the world’s most admired contemporary artists.

Hotel Rooms Design

Just enough contrast of different textures and materials create this visually pleasing room.

The Met Hotel located at the harbor of Thessaloniki surrounded with lively bars, restaurants and nightlife. Met is approximately 25 minutes by car from Thessaloniki International Airport (SKG).

Hotel Design

Clean contemporary lines with distinctive colors create a sense of luxury and serenity.

Hotel Lobby Design

The use of brightly colored glass complements this contemporary interior and provides enough visual stimulation for our eyes.

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