Article by a guest blogger: One Step Retail Solutions

In the past few years we have seen hardware transform – touch screen phones, lighter than a book personal laptops, virtual changing rooms and cars that look like they belong in a Tom Cruise movie.  It is certain that the future is here and it is everything that we imagined but way, way cooler.

POS software has continued to advance through the years and the various capabilities can help guarantee the success of a store. We now have fat systems that do everything from inventory tracking to customer preferences and integrating with your vendors – a far cry from when you would just ring someone up.

Imagine the Point-of-Sale hardware of the future. You may have already seen handheld devices being used as mobile cashier stations; this is an advance for the retail industry for sure. This new concept not only boosts customer service and sales but will essentially drive customers IN, you are the future and your prospects and clients will want a bite of that.
When designing or redesigning a space you are looking for a complete package, you are upgrading the space AND the overall experience. Since every customer has to go through a checkout line… to get rung up… to get their paper receipt… you are looking at a part of the experience that may not be on par with the overall feel you are trying to create. We have had several clients include their POS upgrade as part of a new store launch or space upgrade with fantastic results.
Now imagine a whole system; with futuristic, customizable and fully functional software AND hardware.   Teamwork Retail is the future of POS.

  • Web-based Point of Sale
  • Inventory Control
  • Purchasing and Receiving
  •  Analytics and Management Reporting
  • Familiar and easily learned by staff in minutes
  •  iPad POS that can double as an ad display when docked
  • and Multi-Store Management…

all from the Cloud for a low monthly subscription.

Is this the future for your store?
TeamWork Retail was created by the development team that has brought retailers the most innovative and effective Point of Sale systems in the world, having created solutions used in over 100,000 stores world-wide. Available only from One Step Retail Solutions. One Step Retail Solutions has been a leader in the POS solutions industry for the past 25 years, offering 5 unique POS solutions to guarantee the best fit for not only now but for your future expansion.
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