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Just because your store window is your face to the world doesn’t mean that sprucing it up has to break the bank. In fact, there is a much appreciated charm in the ingenuity that goes into creating something spectacular out of something cheap. Below, there are a few inspiring examples of designing a window display by using simple materials with great visual power.

Photo above: the

This colorful pop-up store in Metz seems to overflow into the street. Latex adhesive circles are used for the windows, while the sidewalk is covered with special adhesive cutouts. All these decorative pieces are removable.

Designing an inexpensive window display with adhesive stickers


As a seller of non-toxic paints and coatings, The Green Painter store in the Rice Village district of Houston captured its eco-friendly philosophy in the simple design of its exterior. Green vinyl stickers shaped as paint drops fill the front window, while a large green drop is painted on the front side of the store.

Cheap drop-shaped window decor for paint store

Photo: Three Fifth Design/Instagram via

The same focus on a simple two-dimensional decor appears in Erja Hirvi’s design of the Samuji window display in Helsinki. This time, the theme is pineapples, and the polychrome treatment is cheerful and playful.  

Simple window display decorated with colorful pineapple images

Photo: Amoeba Landing / Tumblr

Requiring even cheaper materials (even though a more artistically confident hand), drawing on the glass is a simple way to spruce up a front window or send a message. This ingenious way of designing a window display allows you to easily change your store front according to the season and convince passers-by to give your store a second look. This Urban Outfitters display in Amsterdam does just that.

Drawing and writing as decor for store front window


Finally, when combined with other inexpensive materials like paper and cheap decorative or functional items, such window art can take a charming three-dimensional twist.

Cupcake store window with drawings and paper decorations

Photo: Pinterest

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