Shoes displayed on transparent display shelves placed on the floor

Shoes and good design is a combination difficult to resist. Putting the two together is a feast for the eyes, as in the case of the shoe displays below. From “floating” shoes to shoe forests, these creative store windows and display shelves show the artistic potential of these fashion items and the visual impact that can be created with even the most modest resources.

Photo above: Jonathan Leijonhufvud via

When it comes to store windows, there is nothing typical about the display created by Elemental Design for Timberland. “Paint” that flows from buckets and bathe the shoes in color is an imaginative way to suggest color options or possibilities.

Creative store window design for shoe shop with paint buckets and color

Photo via Pinterest

The 2013 Christian Louboutin spring window display series in London and Paris do not cut corners when suggesting that shoes are the best medicine for seasonal ailments. Mixed with giant pills, the shoes are humorously called “Vitamin LouBi” and slipped into giant blister packs.

Shoe store window with shoes displayed in a giant blister pack

Photo by Oscar Chang Anderson via

Inside the stores, shoe displays do not have to be reduced to the typical wall shelf. For the Lucca Ilena store in Osaka, Ryutaro Matsuura created a shoe “forest,” where the products are nested within tall vertical C-shaped wire mesh structures that invite customers to explore.

Shoes displayed within circular wire-mesh structures

Photo by Nacasa & Partners Inc. via

Shoes capture a sense of movement and weightlessness in the pop-up showroom for the Nike Women’s Collection exhibited in Beijing and designed by Maggie Peng and Albert Tien. Displayed on transparent pedestals between two plinths, the shoes seem to float on top of an invisible wave. The powerful effect created with minimal resources is impressive.

Shoe arrangement on transparent pedestals creating the illusion of a floating display

Photo by Jonathan Leijonhufvud via

Finally, seasonal displays can turn shoes or items associated with them into stunning works of art. Designed by StudioXAG, Christian Louboutin’s creative store windows for winter flaunt spectacular rotating Christmas trees made of Pigalle shoe cast lasts and surrounded by mirrors. On top of each Christmas tree, a Louboutin shoe sits as the crowning glory of the construction.

Creative store windows with Christmas trees as the inspiration for the seasonal display of shoes

Photo by Susie Rea via

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