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The Art of the Bar Stool – Inspiring Furniture for Commercial Interior Design

Photo: decornorth.com

Many times, the most unassuming pieces of furniture have the greatest visual impact. Take the bar stool, for instance. Without the bulk of an armchair or the multifunctionality of a table, this humble piece of furniture can still become the star of a well-designed interior. Below are only a few examples of bar stools that are as inspiring as unique.

Created by Ibebi Design, the Bongo swivel bar stool is a modern seating piece that retains a certain playfulness in the design. Its construction manages to appear both svelte and weighty, which, combined with solid colors that go from neutral to vibrant, gives this piece great visual impact. The stool is made of 100{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} recyclable material.

Photo: ibebi.com

While not necessarily a bar stool, this Boggy Chan cupcake stool is part of the “Sweeties” series that also includes a “biscuit” table. Recreating the look of the beloved sweet treat out of sustainable polyurethane, the design succeeds in calling forth warm feelings associated with the image of a mouthwatering cupcake. The height of the seat is adjustable.

Photo: designboom.com

For a more stylized look, the “Serous” bar stool by Michael Stolworthy creates the impression of a fluid design. The elements of this bar stool are flowing from each other, in an almost organic growth of delicate lines.

Photo: trendhunter.com

The Noon bar stool by Archirivolto Design seems to have found the answer to all the functions of a bar stool in one piece. The backrest and footrest are extensions of the seat and create a cohesive look.

Photo: dieter-horn.de

Finally, more traditional vibes come from this acrylic bar stool with a soft cushion. The look is elegant and sophisticated, but the transparency of the base keeps it within contemporary design trends.

Photo: foter.com

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