Minimalist furniture with geometric shape

A few very interesting products from Arco da Velha, a Portuguese furniture design brand, speak volumes about the value of simplicity. Designed for both residential and commercial spaces, the collection seems to spring from an interest in minimalism and an appetite for soft lines and fresh color. Here are a few of the Arco da Velha pieces and a few examples of minimalist furniture that has the ability to reinvigorate tired public spaces.

This couch is an exceptional example of the visual power of symmetry and the way it can achieve great visual effects even within minimalist boundaries.

Minimalist couch made of two simple symmetrical structures
It is apparently easy to combine a few basic shapes in a multifunctional seating piece with storage – or at least this couch makes it look like it.

Minimalist furniture with storage

This chair has some mid-century vibes, yet the look is fresh and contemporary. The daring pop of color balances the simplicity of the lines and prevents this piece to slip into monochrome anonymity.

Simple chair in red and white that combines mid-century design and minimalism

This retake on a classic storage piece shows the same interest in color and curves. The two-level shelves help making your favorite display pieces more visible and keeping things fashionably organized.

Geometric shelf patterns in bold-looking storage piece

When space is an issue, minimalist furniture and simple structures provide function without the bulk. However, these shelves succeed in looking hip and intriguing because of the unexpected path of the lines and their sunny color.  

Minimalist shelves with simple lines, designed in a bold yellow color

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