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Via (No.22, 2 MoonsIn-es.artdesign)
Designers: Subinay Malhotra, Nir Meiri, In-es.artdesign
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While this week’s lunar eclipse may have heightened everybody’s interest in celestial bodies, the moon has always been a source of inspiration for designers. Both mysterious and fascinating as an object of scientific study, the moon makes for a great starting point in designing light fixtures. Here is such a collection created by Subinay Malhotra, ideal for stargazers and lovers of modern design alike.


Made of lightweight gypsum and mimicking the irregular surface of the moon, the light fixtures in the No.22 series are as versatile as they get. Each can be used as a floor lamp, pendant or table lamp.


But what makes these fixtures out of this world (pun intended) is their secret multifunctional design. Energy-saving LEDs are paired with wireless technology, so that the lights can be controlled from a smartphone application, and a hidden Bluetooth hard drive comes with an unexpected option for storing your data.


Keeping with the idea of secrecy, designer Nir Meiri found inspiration in the idea of the unseen side of the moon. He created the 2 Moons lighting series, symbolizing both faces of the satellite and recapturing the mystery of the moon in the sky above the desert.


The collection’s floor lamps have two adjustable flat shades, making these pieces perfect for those who prefer to have complete control over the ambiance of their space.


Finally, In-es.artdesign of Italy designs textured lamps that evoke the subtle light of the moon.


Alight in a dark room, the lamps create the impression of the lighted sky as an invitation to meditation, contemplation – or just sound sleep.


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