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Designer: Santiago Sevillano
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For those often afflicted with buyer’s remorse, here is a lighting option that may minimize its incidence. Designed by Santiago Sevillano, the Guss modular lighting system is as versatile as it gets and offers the buyer the chance to change its appearance on a whim.

Modular Light

The system is made of gracefully curved tubular components that can be separated and rearranged into different configurations. From bulkier arrangements that fit well in a foyer or a small space to an elongated configuration that pours light over a dining table, the metamorphic qualities of the Guss system are amazing.

Modular Lighting System

While the number of possible configurations is best left to statisticians, it is safe to assume that they are plenty. However, it is not only the shape of this lighting fixture that can be changed, but also its function. The system goes from pendant to floor lamp and from wall light fixture to table lamp.

Modular Table Lamp

The stunning functionality does not impede on its good looks. The combination of white and chrome looks sharp and clean, with a definite modern vibe. The light is beautifully filtered, for both functional and ambiance lighting.

Light Combinations

As a floor lamp or table lamp, the light fixture can achieve a beautifully sculptural look and vertical aesthetics with plenty of decorative qualities. Another benefit of the multiple configuration design is that, if needed, the system can be turned into a space-saving light fixture.

Modular Floor Lamp

In addition, the Guss system is an energy-saving option that uses about 80 percent less energy than standard incandescent lights.

Modular Sconce

For those who like to change their decor often, have a preference for unique pieces or cannot decide among the many lighting option out there, the Guss system makes the choice easier.

Configurable Light Pendant

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