Chandelier shaped after pine tree branch helps change the mood of the interior

Whether in residential or commercial spaces, lighting is the most important tool in creating the right atmosphere. Designers understand this and constantly find new ways to allow users to control ambiance with light, while making dynamic lighting a cool function.

An excellent example is the versatile Branch Chandelier by Keha3, an Estonian design company with a penchant for intriguing creations. Inspired by nature, specifically by the irregular shape of pine tree boughs, the chandelier is composed of multiple mobile “branches” that can be moved into different positions, creating every time a unique look.

Branch chandelier with flexible arms and controllable light angles

Added to the fact that the direction of light can be controlled by moving the branches, the lights are also dimmable, which leaves the intensity of light in the hands of the user.

Movable branch light fixture for creating ambiance

Following nature is always a good aesthetic idea. Beyond its enhanced functionality, the Branch Chandelier has a sleek, architectural presence that makes it perfect for contemporary homes.

Controllable light fixture inspired by the shape of tree branches

If having complete control over the look and function of a chandelier is not enough, the Nomadic Lamp takes mobility and ambiance to a whole new level. Designed by Dorota Kulawik, the lamp consists of a series of semi-transparent LED-filled rings that provide not only localized light, but also mood lighting – and not necessarily from the same spot. The rings can be easily moved from place to place, whether to change the ambiance during a social gathering or to serve as an easy-to-carry, impromptu lighting source when moving in the dark.

Movable illuminating rings that can be easily relocated to control ambiance with light

The Nomadic Lamp is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The rings are rechargeable and function for 10 hours at a time, a comfortable length of time that provides for an entire night of illuminating.

Nomadic Lamp for cordless illuminating and creating atmosphere

With two different levels of light intensity, the Nomadic Lamp is strong enough to provide functional lighting and subtle enough to create a relaxing setting. For those who want to be able to control ambiance with light, the task does not get easier than this. Finally, the lamp has the added advantage of illuminating a room from multiple locations at the same time, and can be efficiently used to emphasize the best attributes of a space.

Mobile lamp rings used throughout the room to control the mood with light

Via (Branch Chandelier, Nomadic Lamp)
Designers: Keha3, Dorota Kulawik
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