Designed by Wirt Design Group.

The Whole Foods Market office is located on the top two floors of the LEED Gold office building in Glendale, California. The Wirt Design Group was challenged to create an office design with an open ambiance that would encourage the spirit of collaboration and creativity reflective of the Whole Foods Company’s organic style and close-knit family business design

With 50,000 square-feet of space spread between two floors, the site provides expansive views to the north and south. The Wirt Design Group chose to line the windows with workstations, granting the employees access to marvelous views and an abundance of inspiring daylight. The private office design has full glass fronts that wrap the building core allowing all of those who work in this stellar office to enjoy the expansive views and the benefits of natural design The reception area is also surrounded by glass, providing breathtaking views to visitors while displaying the unique operations of the Whole Foods Company. A broad, open, slate stairway between the two floors makes a statement that underscores the collaborative nature of this unique company that is honored for extolling the benefits of living in harmony with nature.

office design The office interior utilizes natural materials and glass to reflect the organic values of the Whole Foods Company and establish a psychological link between this progressive company’s creative headquarters and the customers it serves. These natural materials combine with a modern and svelte assortment of interior designer accessories that create a comfortable yet impeccably professional ambiance that is perfectly suited to the image brand of the Whole Foods Company.

office design Wirt Design Group succeeded in creating an environment that reflects the open collaborative spirit of the Whole Foods Company with natural materials, wide open spaces, and an ever-expanding view of the sky beyond the glass and the urbanized terra firma below. office design

office design

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