Photo above: Luxury 2 Stone Design Module from Lithos Design

In 2017, the commercial interior design world will see more innovative solutions in trying to create dramatic interiors that stand out. It will also be the year when a return to nature will continue to push forward materials such as wood and cork. Here are only a few new materials and finishes likely to inspire interior designers in 2017.

Whether used as wall treatments or curtains, these CABLE felt decorative acoustical panels serve two purposes: first, they work as sound insulators; second, they create a dramatic effect combining an unexpected material with a pleasant 3-D undulating shape. Designed by Anne Kyyrö Quinn, the panels are made of 100{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} wool material.

Coming from Lithos Design, the Luxury 2 stone design modules achieve a rich visual effect with their circular incisions dressed in gold leaf. The company offers other choices, from engraved cascading graphics to flowing designs flaunting an artisanal look.

Cork as wall treatment seems to be at the top of 2017 design trends, due in part to its natural look, its excellent sound absorption and thermal insulating properties, as well as its moisture-resistant and hypoallergenic nature. Made of 100{7f6b511118f3db1a05f160455b7bc2b69710387d1f828e7e1b6a763a6e34bbc4} Portuguese cork, the Coral Cork wall tiles sold by AmCork offer a seamless look and showcase the natural fiber, for a unique and warm interior.

The cement tiles from 3form put a new spin on an apparently uncharismatic material. Reinforced with glass, the cement becomes lighter and is shaped into decorative wall design modules.

The textures and creative designs of the ATI’s MirroFlex™ 3-D wall panels and ceiling tiles give interiors depth and character.

Different twists on classic solutions may be the answer in 2017. Bare walls masterfully treated with paint can lead to spectacular results, able to create just the right ambiance. Using paints by Modern Masters, M&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes created a patina and metallic surface finish with a definite old-time feel that invites to contemplation.

Finally, a feast for the eyes. Made of blocks crafted from salvaged wood in the Brothers Dressels’ workshop, the Lululemon storefront in Yorkdale Mall (Toronto) was designed by Quadrangle Architects into an impressive art installation. The blocks capture the beauty of wood and its natural palette.

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