Gray 3D wall tiles with a vertical pattern

If tiles are one of of our favorite wall treatments for the opportunity they afford in creative and elegant designs, 3D wall tiles are in a class of their own. Stepping outside of the two-dimensional world of typical wall materials, they bring in an extra dimension that is hard to match. Like all other tiles, they give weight to your designs, but they do it with extra flair. They invite you to touch and contemplate them, and seem to become part of the structure and body of the building instead of simply decorating it. 

Photo above: Callanish Stone Mosaic by Porcelanosa from

The 3D wall tiles below are just a few examples of materials that can give you that additional pizzazz you may be looking for in your commercial space. For example, the Biscuit wall tiles from Ceragres come in raised patterns that can be used in creating sleek and simple displays or in beautiful pattern combinations.

Modern rectangular 3D wall tiles in white

Biscuit Wall Tile from Ceragres

Terracotta-colored 3D wall tile with mix of patterns

Biscuit Wall Tile from Ceragres

Inspired by the beauty of quartzite, the Nordic stone, the Fjord Creek tiles by Impronta Ceramiche are made of porcelain stoneware and can serve as the basis of an interwoven pattern for a spectacular display of angles. 

Wall mosaic made of porcelain stoneware 3D Tiles

Fjord Creek Porcelain Stoneware Mosaic by Impronta Ceramiche from

Placed on a mesh for easy installation, the Callanish tiles from Porcelanosa create wall surfaces that almost demand to be treated as works of art. A series of textural patterns, flat surfaces and sharp angles combine into mosaics that bring together a cool urban vibe and the look of natural stone. 

Gray stone mosaic wall treatment

Callanish Stone Mosaic by Porcelanosa from

A ridge pattern lends the Summer porcelain stoneware tiles from FAP Ceramiche the charm of rough or unfinished surfaces in an elegant version. Borrowing from the appearance and beautiful imperfections of handmade terracotta tiles, the collection is, however, surprisingly fitting to contemporary interiors. 

3D wall treatment with ridge pattern

Summer Porcelain Stoneware 3D Wall Tile by FAP Ceramiche from

Inspired by the simple and delightful act of drawing shapes in the sand, the Lumina Sand Art 3D wall tiles by FAP Ceramiche borrow something from its playfulness. The patterns are an effective combination of charming nonchalance and rich texture, and are perfect for a casual space. 

Floral 3D wall tiles with modern design

Lumina Sand Art Indoor Ceramic 3D Wall Tile by by FAP Ceramiche from

The Meltin tiles from FAP Ceramiche have their source of inspiration in the raw organic look of concrete. Rendered in white and other natural tones, they retain the handmade feel, yet turn into a sophisticated display of uneven ridges.

Textured wall treatment with horizontal ridge pattern

Meltin Indoor White-paste 3D Wal Tile by FAP Ceramiche from

Some tiles may not be categorized as three-dimensional, yet the effect is similar. Available in colors as varied as pink, light green and azure blue, the Sevilla tiles from The Mosaic Factory have a glazed surface that creates the illusion of depth.

Glazed porcelain stoneware in cream-white tones

Sevilla Glazed Porcelain Stoneware Mosaic by The Mosaic Factory from

Bringing the natural texture of clay into the contemporary home, the Boost Natural tiles from Atlas Concorde have the granular texture of this natural material and the unique look of handmade products. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and are produced with particular attention to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Modern wall treatment with triangular tiles

Boost Natural Porcelain Stoneware Mosaic by Atlas Concorde from

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