Marble mosaic floor tile in circular pattern

For any creative type with a love for interior design, mosaic wall tiles are as close as it gets to a dream product. They come in a large variety of colors, textures, shapes and designs, are easy to install, and can easily serve as primary inspiration when deciding on the feel and look of a commercial space. Used right, mosaic wall tiles can entirely change the aspect and ambiance of a room, and can be shaped and combined in creative patterns that satisfy the need for unique designs. 

Photo above: Cosmati marble mosaic by Sicis

Some of our favorite mosaic wall tiles below are made of recycled glass, some bring you the rough texture of clay, while others flaunt the opulence of marble. All are an excellent way to dress up walls, give them weight, texture and character, and make a space look polished and luxurious.

Part of its Enmallados collection, the Gresan porcelain stoneware mosaic tile from Spain-based company Exagres offers both monochromatic and high-contrast or tonal color combinations in a classic design. The square pattern is a safe choice when you need color and a bit more visual interest, but you do not want to commit to complicated patterns or take away from other visual focal points.

The mash backing makes these tiles ideal for used on curved walls, while their virtually nonexistent porosity ensures safe use in both indoor and outdoor areas that are prone to humidity. 

Porcelain stoneware mosaic wall tiles as background for display shelves

Gresan porcelain stoneware mosaic from the Enmallados collection by Exagres

If you are a student of geometric beauty and interested in intriguing patterns, the Micro Multiplem mosaic tiles from Mosaicomicro may be just the product for you. Their motive was created by breaking down squares into primary shapes, which gives its pattern more depth while retaining a highly pleasing and organized pattern.

The material is quite unique in both its manufacturing and appearance. The company uses glass from discarded CRT monitors that is ground, pigmented and mixed with water. Added clay gives it a slightly raw look. Both the pattern and the texture derived from this unconventional material make the tiles appealing to the touch. Engraved by hand, they offer an authentic, inimitable look.

Gray recycled glass and clay wall tiles in design application

Micro Multiplem recycled glass and clay mosaic by Mosaicomicro

For an elegant look with a touch of glam, consider the Valencia glass mosaic tiles from The Mosaic Factory. A combination of matt and glossy surfaces give you the shine reminiscent of luxury without becoming overbearing. The company also offers matt versions that can play double role as wall and floor treatments. The tiles are made of 87 percent recycled glass, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and come in seven colors, from neutral to pastel to rich tones. 

Pink hexagonal wall tiles in bathroom design

Valencia indoor/outdoor glass mosaic from The Mosaic Factory

The pattern of the Lotus glass mosaic tiles from Porcelanosa are reminiscent of flower petals, yet its perfect geometry creates a modern high-end look. Whether monochromatic or in subtle tonal combinations, the tiles reflect the light, which leads to a rich look. 

Beige glass mosaic as wall treatment in hotel design

Lotus glass mosaic by Porcelanosa

Our list of favorites would not be complete without the Cosmati marble mosaic products from Sicis, which can alone serve as an inspiring image for what you may want to accomplish in your own space. Taking a bow to the tradition of the Cosmati family who, for four generations, has created spectacular decorative geometric mosaics in the 12th and 13th centuries, the Sicis tiles are an excellent step in preserving this long tradition in creating beauty.

The tiles come in traditional earth tones, and in gorgeous black and white combinations that create opulent visual contrasts. A mix of polished and matt surfaces employ the light in enhancing this dramatic look. 

Black-and-white marble mosaic in various floor applications

Cosmati marble mosaic by Sicis

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