Nature-inspired 3D wall panels with flowers and birds

If you are looking for a wall treatment that can give your space a spectacular look, consider 3D wall panels. Their versatility and good looks are winning  more hearts every day, making them an increasingly popular material in the interior design world. Aside from the undeniable character that they add to your space, using 3D wall  panels comes with many advantages. They are easy to install, clean and maintain, have great noise-reducing qualities, protect your walls and are often fire-resistant.

From a decorative point of view, however, they are hard to match. They come in a large variety of colors, patterns and textures, which allows you to create stunning settings. Most of all, their 3D construction adds depth to your space, by reinventing the flat surface of your walls. Some of our favorite 3D wall panels come from 3D Surface, whose products find inspiration in the most unique places.

Photo above: Manaus 3D Wall Panel by 3D Surface from

Their Tenda 3D wall panels, for example, have a wavy surface that evoke the elegant folds of a curtain. When combined with a vibrant red color, they create a superb theatrical look. The uneven width of the folds gives the panels a natural look and an almost dynamic quality.

3D wall panel in red with curtain-inspired design

Tenda Wall Panel by 3D Surface from

Used as an accent, the Tenda wall panels may arrest the eye and become the focal point of the room. However, the simple design allows them to easily play a subtle secondary role to pieces with a stronger presence, especially when in a neutral color. Due to the panels’ elegant and unobtrusive look, such combinations do not become overwhelming.

Beige curtain-pattern wall panel in contemporary interior

Tenda Wall Panels by 3D Surface

An excellent application is the use of Tenda wall panels in outdoor designs. They lend the space the fluidity and softness of a rich fabric material, which is an atypical, therefore effective look in an outdoor area. 

Textured wall panel in outdoor area

Tenda Wall Panels by 3D Surface

The Arianna wall panels have a swirl pattern that, despite its simple concept of a continuous line filling an entire surface with its soft curls, looks elegant and luxurious. This never-ending curving line appears very comforting and pleasing to the eye, and can be employed as a wonderful background for a space that needs both character and a calming, relaxing feel. 

Swirl-pattern wall treatment in purple

Arianna Wall Panel by 3D Surface

The visual effect is different depending on the color. A deep purple tone gives the walls a sumptuous look. A more casual color, such as a vibrant green, makes the space look fresh and the curls almost playful. Despite their rich pattern, the Arianna wall panels have a perfectly contemporary look. 

Striking swirl-pattern wall panel in vibrant green

Arianna Wall Panel by 3D Surface

Inspired by the luxurious vegetation and life of the South American rainforest, the Manaus wall panels are a stunning collection of details. The nature-inspired pattern gives them a relaxing feel, yet the sheer amount of textures and shapes invites the eye to investigate and makes them look almost opulent.

Luxuriant white wall panel depicting exotic plants and toucan

Manaus Wall Panels by 3D Surface

As a background for pieces with simple lines, the Arianna wall panels do all the heavy lifting, providing all the necessary pattern. Their white surface gives them the sculptural look of a bas-relief.

Rich-looking white 3D wall panel with floral patterns

Manaus Wall Panels by 3D Surface

The Bamboo wall panels are another option that uses nature as a source of inspiration. The pattern gives you the illusion of being surrounded by a bamboo forest, which makes you feel like you are evading to another space. 

Textured wall treatment with bamboo pattern

Bamboo Wall Panels by 3D Surface

When used to cover the entire length of a large room or hallway, the wall panels fill it in with details and create a subtle sense of adventure when the eye meets the design. The vertical pattern contributes to the illusion of higher ceilings. 

Commercial hallway covered with cream bamboo-patterned 3D wall panels

Bamboo Wall Panels by 3D Surface

A simpler option, the Millerighe Classico wall panels introduce the strict structure of straight vertical ridges into spaces that bow to the traditional, yet remain refreshingly contemporary. 

Interior design with cream simple-patterned 3D wall panels

Millerighe Classico Wall Panels from 3D Surface

While they can have a big visual impact when used on a grand scale, the wall panels are equally powerful as an accent wall treatment. In this restaurant, the columns are covered with Millerighe Classico wall panels that complement beautifully the elegant look of the space and the classic use of lines and proportion. 

Contemporary restaurant design with 3D wall panel-covered columns

Millerighe Classico Wall Panels from 3D Surface

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