Wooden mobile kiosk with cheese wheels

In order to mix tradition with modernity, function with mobility, and nostalgia for the past with the refined taste of today’s customers, you apparently need to build a trolley stand. At least this is the conclusion reached by Studiomfd, an Amsterdam-based design studio that came up with the charming Beemster cheese stands that populate the Albert Heijn XL supermarkets in the Netherlands. Their rustic commercial design draws from the brand’s history and captures its story with its materials, colors and overall vibes. 

Mobile cheese kiosk with a rustic commercial design and a natural color paletteBeemster has a long tradition in cheese manufacturing and a history that goes back to the 17th century. The Beemster polder, initially intended to be used for farming, ended up as grazing land for livestock, with a nutrient-rich soil responsible for the unexpectedly rich milk. More than two centuries later, in 1901, the Beemster cooperative of farmers and cheesemakers was created, with the tasty premium Gouda cheese as their crowning glory.

Striped cover of a rustic cheese stand

It is only fitting that the Beemster cheese stand creates this longing for the past and for simpler times, with its trolley silhouette, wooden structure, chalkboard sign and charming milk pails. The neutral tones of the wooden construction give the stand a rural vibe and allows the Beemster colors to take center stage.

Cheese stand with a rustic commercial designThe trolley stands on old bicycle-inspired wheels and is covered with a striped tarpaulin in Beemster’s colors. On the stand, the large cheese wheels seem to be part of the design.

The wooden structure of a traditional mobile cheese kioskPlaced in the middle of a modern retail space, the Beemster trolley stand with its rustic commercial design is a welcome break from a busy word and a sight that leaves customers hungry for both cheese and for a simple, authentic life.

Traditional cheese stand inside a supermarket

Via retaildesignblog.net
Designer: Studiomfd
All photos: Johannes van Assem via retaildesignblog.net

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